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Pilot Shop serving your passion since 1971.
All the best aviation headset and flight accessories for aviation pilot, helicopter pilot, ultralight pilot.
Holidays: the physical shop is closed from 4 to 19 July included. Last day of shipping is 12th of July at noon. We are back on 22nd of July. Enjoy your summer!

A Large Selection of Pilot Supplies from the Best Aviation Brands since 1971.

Pilot bose A30 & PROFLIGHT Headsets 

Pilot Headsets 

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An aviation shop entirely dedicated to pilots

Pilotshop has been an aeronautical shop since 1971 and an official reseller of the major aviation brands. The Pilotshop belongs to Cae Aviation, we have our own planes and pilots, who test for you all the aeronautical equipment in order to guarantee you the best products. We are at the service of all pilots who are passionate about planes, helicopters and microlights.

The Best Pilot Supplies available online on our Pilot Store

Our online aviation store offers a wide range of pilot accessories: GPS, aircraft pilot headsets, aeronautical charts (OACI-VFR, IGN, SIA), pilot's equipment...
In our aviation shop, we offer passive headsets or active headsets called ANR headsets, helmets for helicopter pilots, headsets for microlight pilots, Bose headsets, David Clark headsets, Telex headsets, Lightspeed headsets, Garmin aviation gps, Garmin gps watch, gps for ipad, Icom radios, VFR, IFR paper or electronic aeronautical charts, flight boards, boards and holders for Ipad, Iphone, Samsung, flight bags, navigation rules and many other accessories for pilots.
To find out more about the products in our aeronautical shop, do not hesitate to ask our experts. They will be glad to help you choose the pilot equipment that best matches your needs.
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