21st Century Flight Training

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Ce manuel aborde l'apprentissage de l'aviation du 21ème siècle en tenant compte de l'évolution technologique.
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  • Applying reasoning and problem solving to achieve intelligent ADM (aeronautical decision making)

  • Understanding the mental airplane at work

  • Human factors at work in GA

  • Integrated Sensory Flying (ISF) - a visual pilots' companion to BAI (basic attitude instrument) flying

  • Using visualization to triple flight lesson redundancy and achieve cost efficiencies

  • Ingredients of instructional knowledge explained

  • Reference Integrations - correlated technical references to increase depth of knowledge

  • Progress Points - to improve ground reference maneuver situational awareness, accuracy, and collision avoidance

  • Proficiency Segments - to eliminate wasted flight time and to improve performance maneuver learning efficiency

  • NTSB Aviation Investigation Manual guidelines converted to accident prevention

  • Links to over 300 free integrated training resources