Aircraft Flight log

(Code: SP-FLT-2)
Réf. constructeur : 
The perfect tool for aircraft owners and aircraft flown by multiple pilots — keeps track of the care and use of an individual aircraft.
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This loogbook is a quick reference to the recent history of the plane. The goal is to give to the pilots immediate access of the plane's records without having to dig through the maintenance loogbooks (often kept in the maintenance hangar).
This logbook is a way for the previous pilot 'to speak' to the next pilot.
Records :
- type of aircraft
- tail
- serial of the engine
- out/in operating time
- destination and purpose of flight
- squawks
- if oil was added
- inspections (VOR, ELT, pilot-static, GPS)
- 100 hrs - annual inspection..

96 pages - dimensions :12.70 x 17.78 cm