AirmenBeans® Box

Réf. constructeur : 
Go flying several hours with the AirmenBeans with Guarana !
Valuable knowledge, passed down over centuries refined to meet the high demands of today. The guarana increases endurance, strenght, alterness. Set in a wooden box, with 6 pack of AirmenBeans to bring them always with you ! A lovely gift !
29.00 €
Ingredients : 
The major ingredient of the lozenges is gummi arabicum, the resin of the African acacia. It is used as a plant-based filling and has a moisturizing and soothing effect on mucous membranes.
Gummi arabicum provides an excellent protection over many years for active substances and flavoring and is accredited for ecological foods.

Origin : 
For many decades there was a great mystery to South American pilots who still possessed after hours of operations over incredibly high performance. These "Airmen" took in your missions, prepared according to a traditional recipe, sweets from coffee, guarana and sugar cane to be. Already used centuries before the Incas, the vivifying forces of Guarana, the high concentration of caffeine increases and increases strength and endurance over several hours.
An incomparable experience for palate, mind and body.

Included :
* a wooden box 22 cm x 8 x 4.7 cm
* 6 pack of AirmenBeans (21 units/pack)