Bose A20 Headset - ANR Aviation Headset with Bluetooth® and GA plugs

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ANR general aviation Bose A20 headset with 2 plugs high impedance - model with bluetooth®.  


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The A20 Bose Headset for sale online on Pilotshop

More than 30 years ago, Bose introduced active noise reduction headsets to aviation. The new Bose Headset A20, after the X serie, provides the Triport technology which is only available on Bose headsets. You want to know more about this quality headset? Have a look at its main features!

Bose A20 aviation Headset: Features

- reduce more ambiant noise owing to the use of both inside and outside microphones in each ear cup
- redesigned ear cushions with larger interior cavity allowing more comfort for the ears
- consistent magnesium headset with less clamping force for a better comfort
- flexible and adjustale microphone, can be connected in right/left earcup
- EMI protection against communications interference
- auxiliary audio input for MP3 or GPS connection for example
- battery pack use
- until 45 hours in use with 2 AA batteries
- straight cable
- with bluetooth®, synchronize with smartphone, tablet, and audio input
FAA & EASA TSO C139 certified, meets RTCA/DO-160D and DO-214 environmental requirements
- weight : 340g

Accessories included:


- battery case with 2 AA batteries
- Aux-in cable adpater
- clip
- carrying case

Bose A20 FAQ

What makes the A20 Aviation Headset different from other products on the market?

The A20 headset offers an unmatched combination of clear audio, noise reduction and comfort, combined with advanced features pilots value, such as Bluetooth audio streaming, customizable audio prioritization, auto-on (select models) and smart shutoff. In addition, Bose has significant experience engineering mission-critical communication headsets used in a variety of applications, including unique headsets for military air and ground operations, the NFL and consumers worldwide. Bose was the first company to introduce commercially available, active noise reduction headsets to the market and has over 25 years of experience providing headsets for critical communications globally, with 16 service centers worldwide.

Do I need to do anything to optimize the performance of my headset?

No. The headset constantly adjusts to the noise environment and automatically optimizes the performance it delivers.

Can I listen to music or other audio wirelessly via Bluetooth?

Yes, the Bluetooth music experience is the best way to listen to music wirelessly and provides Bose quality sound. You can also stream warnings and alerts from your favorite apps. In addition, the A20 headset also has other Bluetooth profiles, including hands-free calling and multi-point, which allows you to connect to more than one wireless device simultaneously.

Can I comfortably wear eyeglasses and hats with the A20 headset without impacting the headset's performance?

Yes. The earcups' supple leather-covered foam cushions are designed to provide an effective acoustic seal even over glasses. You should be able to wear your glasses comfortably without significantly diminishing the headset's noise reduction benefits. There is no need to calibrate or recalibrate the headset to maintain optimal performance. The headset adjusts automatically.

Why is TSO important?

A Technical Standard Order (TSO) is a minimum performance standard for specified materials, parts and appliances used on civil aircraft. When a company is authorized to manufacture a material, part or appliances to a TSO standard, this is referred to as TSO authorization. When a company receives a TSO authorization, it is assured that the product meets these minimums in both design and production. Bose Corporation meets all and exceeds many TSO requirements.