Classic Chrome Fischer Space Bullet pen with clip

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The unique and timeless Space Pen from Fischer is more than just a pen. It’s a masterpiece of engineering and design, used in the missions of NASA astronauts since 1968! This pen can write in any angle, even upside down, in extreme temperatures, in the vacuum of space, underwater, on wet paper, over grease, and without ever drying out. It’s reliable in all circumstances, for the pleasure of writing, for the pleasure of owning a superb and unique writing instrument. It’s also compact, elegant, and durable.  Don’t miss this opportunity to treat yourself to a piece of space history, and order your Space Pen today!
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Discover the Space Pen 

The Bullet design is timeless and elegant, but it is also extremely durable, which is not something most ballpoint pens are known for. When someone says: ‘I have a Space Pen!’, most of the time, they are referring to the Bullet. Once again, this is further proof of its popularity and its place in history as a true ballpoint pen classic.
Used in NASA space missions by astronauts since the Apollo 7 mission in 1968.

Thanks to the nitrogen in its cartridge, you can now write in any temperature, intense heat or extreme cold, in the rain or snow, on photos or plastic films and even on wet or slippery materials, and this, whatever position you adopt!

Its pressurized refill allows the ink to flow in all situations, eliminating any risk of leakage. Its miniature format, which returns to normal size once the cap is inserted, its unique design and its sliding clip, make this pen the most popular Fisher pen to slip between all hands.

Made in USA

Main features about the Space Pen:

  • The ball is made of tungsten carbide. The stainless steel sleeve prevents leaks while ensuring a uniform and instant ink flow.
  • The thixotropic ink in the sealed and pressurized reservoir allows the pen to write three times longer than a standard ballpoint pen.
  • Compact design.
  • Length with cap: 9.5 cm, length without cap: 13.5 cm.
  • The Fisher Space Pen can write: at any angle, even upside down. In extreme conditions from -20ºC to +200ºC. In the gravity-free vacuum of space. Underwater, on wet paper, over grease.
  • Writes without ever drying out.
  • Supplied in a compact Fisher Space branded plastic case.
  • Writes in black.