DC ONE X David Clark ANR aviation headset

David Clark
(Code: DC-ONE-X)
Réf. constructeur : 43102G-01
The new VFR pilot ANR headset DC ONE-X from David Clark with the Hybrid Noise Cancelling Technology 2 microphones - one located on the exterior of the dome and isolated from the speaker (feed-forward) and a second internal microphone near the speaker (feed-back). The exterior microphone acquires the noise before it gets to the ear canal. Working in concert with the internal microphone, the signals are then inverted to produce a reverse, anti-noise' signal, resulting in unsurpassed active noise reduction performance.

1,199.00 €
The new DC PRO-X ANR pilot headset from David Clark is the perfect combination of comfort and performance. The main new features is the Overlast® fabric headpad with vented design which absorbs excess heat to keep you comfortable during your flight. The 'over-the-ear' earseals are soft and comfortable too. The convenient and compact, multi-function control module puts a variety of operational functions right at your fingertips as the volume control or the Bluetooth connectivity for your smartphone or music input.
* Active Noise Reduction 30 dB - 150Hz - Hybrid Noise Cancelling technology
* Dual Voice Coil technology is a fail-safe measure that provides a continuous communication even in case of loss battery power
* Digital Signal Processor for a high-fidility audio communication 
* use 2 AA batteries (not included) - up to 50 hours
* with double jack GA
* bluetooth for smartphone, tablet, mp3 or other devices
* Overlast® fabric headpad - adjustable
* left/righ volume control (on the control module)
* micro electret M-55
* 340 g (12.3 oz)
* leatherette soft and comfortable earseals
* TSO-C139 approval
* English end user
* made in USA - after sales service
Accessories included :
* bag
*micro protector