DC PRO 2 David Clark aviation headset with Airbus Plug

David Clark
(Code: DC-PRO-2A)
Réf. constructeur : 43101G-02
The new pilot passive headset DC PRO 2 from David Clark is designed for professional and commercial pilot. Very light and comfortable.
429.00 €
The DC PRO 2 passive pilot headset from David Clark is the perfect combination of comfort and performance. The main new feature is an extremely lightweight and very comfortable supra-aural earseals (rests on the ear).
* with Airbus plug XLR-5 pins
* leatherette and magnesium headband
* left/righ volume control
* micro electret M-55
* very light 220g (7.8 oz)
* leatherette soft and comfortable earseals
* TSO-C139 approval
* English end user
* made in USA
Accessories included :
* bag
*micro protector