Dittel FSG8 portable radio

(Code: F10800)
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New FSG8 handheld radio Dittel 8.33kHz/25 KhZ, receiver/transceiver, 118.000 to 136.975. The successor of Dittel FSG4 and FSG5 radios.

1,659.00 €

- The radio FSG8 offers selection of all 760 channels (25 KHz) et 2278 channels (8.33 kHz)
- The 1.5 watt / 5 Watt PEP transmitter and highly sensitive and selective receiver make long distance communications a reality
- Very low current consumption allows a remarkable 5 h to 29 h of normal operation - battery indicator
- Its solid aluminium dust and spash resistant case make these new handy transceiver/receiver ideal for almost every possible application, even under harsh climatic conditions.
- Continous charging both during operation and switched-off is permitted
- Dimension : 20,9 x 8.4 x 4.45 cm (without antenna)
- Built to high German quality standards

Accessories included:

* Antenna
* battery

Important notice : the charger is not included