Bad Elf Pro GPS receiver bluetooth IPAD/IPHONE

Bad Elf
(Code: GPS-2200)
Réf. constructeur : 
Live and share wireless your navigation with your passenger through the GPS Bad Elf. Connect simultaneously via Bluetooth to up to five iOs, Android, PC, Mac or Surface devices at the same time. This GPS will determine your location anywhere in the world at a maximum perfomance.
189.00 €

The Bad Elf Pro gps locator will follow you in all your flights. View GPS status quickly, location information (10 position second), altitude, speed directly in your IPAD or other devices. This is perfect for student pilots and flight schools wanting to track flights, critique instrument approaches, and store data for analytics. The Bad Elf Pro records up to 100 hours of location data, which can be downloaded, viewed, and shared after the flight.

Features :

* connects up to 5 Apple devices via Bluetooth at the same time
* works with all iOs applications
* long battery life up to 32 hours
* log up to 100 hrs using inernal storage
* streaming NMEA gps data delivers latitude, altitude, longitude, speed, track and time
* USB charging
* Match with IPAD 1/2/3/4/5 - IPAD Mini 1/2/3/4/5/6 -  IPodTouch - IPhone - Android - Surface - PC - Mac
* GPS WAAS 66 channels
* accuracy 2.2 m
* 60 kfeet max altitude
* 1000 MPH max speed
* dimension 7.65 x 6.15 x 1.75 cm
* IPX4 water resistant

Accessories included :

* neck lanyard
* USB cable
* 12V-24V charger
* English manual