HME110 ATC headset

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The best-seller Sennheiser HME110 ATC headset is back ! With full capability for general aviation.
New arrival following the Sennheiser / EPOS merger.
389.00 €
Sennheiser's ATC HME110 headset with excellent ambient noise attenuation so you can focus on your flight. Up to 40dB of noise reduction, this headset can be used in general aviation and in microlights equipped with general aviation plugs. This passive headset is light, easily adjustable and compact ; it can easily be stored in your bag. Suitable for adults and children.

Features :
* volume control* mono / stereo
* soft foam and leatherette ear cups
* soft foam and eatherette headband
* flexible and adjustable right or left microphone arm
* ME45-1 electret microphone
* High impedance
* passive noise reduction up to 40 dB
* 2 general aviation plugs PJ055 and PJ068
* weight 350 g
* No TSO
* after-sales service in Germany
* made in Germany

Accessories included:
* cable clip
* microphone protector