Icom ICA25NE portable radio

(Code: ICA25NE)
Réf. constructeur : 
New ICOM radio ICA25NE now ready for 8.33/25 kHz
including a built-in GPS and a better LCD display. ICOM is redefining VHF airband communication from the Group up!

699.00 €
The 2.3 in large, high contract and high visible LCD display of the radio ICOM ICA25NE is readable and user-friendly with its large characters. Easy-to-use interface and enlarged keypad offers smooth and swift operation. For expanded communication coverage, output power has been increased to approx. 6W (PEP).
Features :
- large LCD screen display 2.3 in - good readability under direct sunlight
- night mode operation eanables easy viewing in low light conditions
- output power 6W (PEP) / 1.8W (carrier)
- 'Flip-Flop' channel recall - easily recall the last 10 channels used
- ANL (Auto Noise limiter) for noise reduction
- Lithium-ion battery 7.2V 2200mAh - battery status - 10 hours approx. in operation time
- 121.5 MHz emergency key
- bluetooth® for piaring with your headset
- SIDE TONE function - hear your own voice from an external aviation headset
- channel spacing 8.33/25 kHz
- Tx 118.000-136.992 MHz
- Rx 108.000-136.992 MHz
- memory 300 frequencies (15 group) with 12 characters name
- IP57 standard dust-protection and waterproof construction
- weight : 384 g(with battery and antena)
- dimension : 5.89 x 14.84 x 3.18 cm
Navigation features :
- built-in GPS with Glonass and SBAS
- Waypoints navigation : Direct-TO nav and flight plan nav - record up to 10flights and 330 waypoints
- VOR navigation functions : CDI (Course deviation indicator) - OBS (Omin bearing selector) - TO-FROM - ABSS (Automatic bearing set)
- near station serch function  - nearby stations using the station memories that have GPS position information
- flight plan with RS-AERO1A (Android) or RS-AERO1I (iOS) app - import the flightplan with the bluetooth®
Accessories included :
- rapid charger
- GA headset adapter
- Lithium-ion battery 7.2V
- Battery case use 6 AA batteries (not included)
- belt clip
- antena
- hand strap
- multilingual user manual : English, French, German, Sapniash and Italian
JAA FORM ONE is not available