Instrument cleaner wipes

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Réf. constructeur : 
WET & DRY wipes alcohol and ammonia free for cleaning your flight instruments, tablets, smartphones etc. Bring it in your bag.
Quantity :
2.13 €
These wipes can be used for aircrafts instruments, tablets, EFB, Flight simulator... Made in Europe.
Boeing D6-17487, AMS1534C - AMS1535C certified. 

Features :

* wet and dry wipe included in the set
* clean finger marks
* anti-glare coating free
* streak free results
* alcohol and ammonia free
* made according to screen manufacturers guidelines
* dimension : 180 x 210 mm

How to use :

1. Take off jewellery to prevent scratching.
2. Check if the display is powered off.
3. Use a wet wipe to clean the screen.
4. Dry the screen using the dry wipe.