IPAD kneeboard until 9.7''

Flight Outfitters
(Code: FO-KB3-LG)
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The Flight Outfitters kneeboard maintains the same features as the original kneeboard but with added versatility to accommodate the range of iPads in use. The kneeboard has a rotating cradle and a fold down platform to hold safely your tablet until 9.7'' example iPad Pro 9.7''.
69.00 €
Ipad Mini kneeboard with a padded back and a rotativing IPAD cradle with a fold down platform. Updated design uses expandable loops to securely hold the corners of the iPad to the bracket. Extra thick elastic strap and sturdy strap clip for your tablet. With a non-slip back. The kneedboard is reversible so you can chose the best adjustment for you ! With 2 small mesh pockets for your cables.

In black - dimension 25.40 x 20.32 x 7.62 cm
Other accessories not included