Pilot Atlas free flight Europe-Middle East, S.E. Asia and South Africa

(Code: ATLAS)
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This Pilot Atlas is a all-in-one source of information for all pilots. Topographical are used for showing more than 150 charts,  over 4 500 international and regional airports with runway, VOR/DME, waypoints, highways and more information in the Captains' corner part.
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A great overview for Eastern hemisphere airports. Clear, with details in a A4 size. Laminated paper cover.

Europe charts : 96 pages scale 1:2 000 000
South Africa charts : 8 pages scale 1: 2750 000
Middle East and Asia : 54 pages scale 1: 4 000 000

7 overview charts :
- 1 double page North Atlantic routes
- 1 double page African continent
- 2 double page Asia routes to Japan
- 1 double page Pacific routes
- 1 double page Australia routes
- 1 double page North pole

The Captains' corner is a collection of useful aeronautical information with the latest JAA information.
Airport directory with coordinates (LAT/LONG) for every airport, wetaher symbols, METAR, conversions tables, emergency procedure etc...