Pilot headset Zulu Delta with LEMO plug and Bluetooth

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The new DELTA Zulu headset is specially designed to meet your needs for safety, control, and comfort. It features the latest ANR technology from Lightspeed, offering superior comfort and durability that you are accustomed to with Zulu headsets. Additionally, it incorporates revolutionary technologies such as the built-in carbon monoxide sensor that could save lives for both pilots and passengers.

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Discover the Delta Zulu aviation headset, a must-have for demanding pilots!

This revolutionary headset is equipped with cutting-edge features that transform the flying experience. 

* Built-in carbon monoxide sensor - technology Kanari® smart alert -You can always rely on this headset to continuously monitor cabin carbon monoxide. Thanks to its optimal calibration, it emits audible and visual warnings as soon as preset or user-defined CO thresholds are reached.
*HearingEQity™ for custom sound - With a dedicated app, you can take a custom 12-frequency hearing test and automatically adjust Delta Zulu to optimize every ATC call and conversation according to your individual hearing profile.
*Changeable battery packs - You have the option of using rechargeable lithium-ion batteries or AA batteries, for total flexibility.
*The Lightspeed App - This app allows you to check sensor data visually during flight, providing you with instantaneous readouts and historical data. Review safety metrics from prior flights, record conversations, playback transmissions, draw diagrams, and archive flight recordings onto your phone or mobile device for post-flight briefing and training.
*UAC plug - Delta Zulu is the first headset to adopt the UAC plug, allowing you to connect to other devices directly from the headset for charging, audio, and data transmissions. It can also be charged while flying via USB. Delta Zulu has options for 4 cable configurations, from UAC to USB-A (included), USB-C, 3.5 mm and Lightning plugs (optional).
*Personal Safety Data Partnership Program - By opting into the ANONYMOUS collection of sensor data from their headset, customers are providing data that will be used by General Aviation experts and scientists to improve the community’s understanding of safe piloting practices.

Other Features :

  • Bluetooth - Bluetooth wireless technology with A2DP technology enables telephone communication and stereo music streaming, as well as alerts from aviation applications.
  • Discreet Comfort - Weighing only about 350g, Delta Zulu features a discreet stainless steel headband that follows the curve of the head for more comfortable weight distribution and lateral pressure.
  • High-Performance Fit - Delta Zulu’s tapered ear cushions are designed to fit the curve of the jaw for a natural fit, increasing comfort and clarity while providing a better seal around eyeglass or sunglasses frames. The earphone cavities allow the entire ear to fit comfortably inside.
  • Durability and Longevity - Made almost entirely of stainless steel and magnesium with durable cables built around a Kevlar core, Delta Zulu is designed to withstand the most challenging flight environments and last for years.
  • Superior Silence - Delta Zulu offers advanced active noise reduction (ANR) performance over a wide range of low-frequency sounds. The magnesium earphones are superior at blocking high-frequency noise.
  • Clear Communications - The dual-opening microphone provides better noise cancellation for clearer, more intelligible communications. The user-adjustable exclusive microphone gain allows for balancing loud and soft voices in a multi-headset environment.
  • ComPriority™ - Never miss important radio communications with patented ComPriority, which automatically lowers the volume of any auxiliary device during radio or intercom transmissions. The soft mute function gently reintroduces music for smooth listening transitions.

  • Accessories included :
  • carrying case
  • Lithium-Ion Battery Case  (batteries not included).
  • General Aviation Battery Case LEMO plug (batteries not included).
  • Cable Clip 
  • UAC to USB-A Cable