Sentry plus Portable ADS-B, GPS and Flarm receiver

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 Discover the Sentry plus Portable ADS-B, GPS and Flarm receiver for pilots ! Improve your safety and your flight situational awareness with SENTRY+. A dual band ADS-B traffic, weather, carbon monoxide detector, built-in GPS, Flarm receiver (well known by European pilots) and other advanced features in this portable package. Use Foreflight application only (you may pay it at Foreflight's hand) and you must purchase a Flarm licenseassociated with your Foreflight account on 

Caution : All device operational procedures must be learned on the ground. Received data and information is to be used as an aid to situational awarenss and is merely supplemental and advisory in nature.


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Discover the Sentry Portable ADS-B, GPS and Flarm receiver for pilots !

Caution : All device operational procedures must be learned on the ground. Received data and information is to be used as an aid to situational awarenss and is merely supplemental and advisory in nature.

Features of Sentry plus by Foreflight :

* Sentry works with any iOS device that can run ForeFlight Mobile version 10.2 or higher. This means that older iOS devices that cannot upgrade to ForeFlight 10.2 will not work with Sentry.
* does not work with iPad 1/2/3 - iPAD MINI 1 - iPHONE 4 / 4S and older - iPOD touch 4 and older
* Dual-band ADS-B Traffic
* Flarm receiver SRD860
* CO sensor (carbon monoxide)
* AHRS Pitch and Roll
* Accelerometer (g-Load)
* Rechargeable battery 18 hours
* Flight data recorder
* OLED Display
* Barometer
* Advanced WI-FI capability
* OLED display
* WI-FI client support is aircraft equipped
* Very light weight 
* Very compact dimension 

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Accessories included :

* Ram Suction cup
* USB-C charger
* carrying case


IS SENTRY A "DUAL-BAND" ADS-B RECEIVER? Yes, Sentry has internal antennas for both UAT (978 MHz) and 1090ES (1090 MHz) frequency bands.

WHAT CAPABILITIES DOES SENTRY PROVIDE? Sentry receives traffic information on both UAT (978 MHz) and 1090ES (1090 MHz). When in proximity to a ground station, Sentry also receives FIS-B weather, NOTAMS, and TFR information. ADS-B ground station reception will usually not be available until airborne. Sentry can also receive air-to-air traffic information from ADS-B Out equipped aircraft and re-broadcast traffic information (ADS-R and TIS-B) from FAA ground towers. Keep in mind that if your aircraft is not equipped with ADS-B Out, then you will have a limited view of traffic on ForeFlight.Additionally, Sentry has a dual-band ADS-B receiver, integrated CO monitor and alarm, up to 12 hours of continuous battery life, built-in WAAS GPS, backup attitude (AHRS), barometric pressure sensor, onboard memory for Weather Replay™, and supports up to 5 devices.

WILL I SEE ALL NEARBY TRAFFIC WHILE USING SENTRY?The traffic displayed by Sentry may not represent all nearby traffic, especially if you have not yet installed an ADS-B Out transmitter in your aircraft. See this article from iPad Pilot News for an explanation of how having ADS-B Out capability affects your traffic picture.

WHAT DOES THE CO ALARM SOUND LIKE? The CO Alarm can be triggered for testing purposes via the "Test CO Alarm” button on the Device Status page. The LED will not change color, but the high-pitched alarm will sound. To turn off the alarm either press the power button or press the "Mute Sentry for 5m” button on the Device Status page.

Yes, Sentry has onboard memory to support animating up to 30 minutes of radar in ForeFlight Mobile.

DOES SENTRY PROVIDE GPS DATA? Yes, Sentry has a built-in WAAS GPS for the display GPS data in ForeFlight Mobile, including aircraft position, altitude, ground speed, and more.

DOES SENTRY PROVIDE AHRS (BACKUP ATTITUDE) CAPABILITY? Yes, Sentry has built-in digital AHRS to enhance the Synthetic Vision feature in ForeFlight Mobile.

DOES SENTRY HAVE BAROMETRIC PRESSURE SENSOR? Yes, using its built-in barometer, Sentry can display cabin pressure and pressure altitude in ForeFlight Mobile’s Instrument Panel on the Maps view.

HOW MANY DEVICE CONNECTIONS DOES SENTRY SUPPORT? Sentry supports up to 5 simultaneous device connections to its Wi-Fi network.

DOES SENTRY INCLUDE A FLIGHT DATA RECORDER? No, but you can use Sentry’s GPS to record Track Logs within ForeFlight.

DOES SENTRY HAVE AN INTERNAL BATTERY? Yes, Sentry has an internal battery that supports up to 12 hours of continuous use. Sentry has the longest running battery charge than any out-of-the-box ADS-B receiver currently on the market, providing non-stop situational awareness for the long haul.

HOW DO I MAXIMIZE BATTERY LIFE? Sentry is built to maximize battery life. We streamlined and compressed the communications between ForeFlight Mobile and Sentry, which results in the more efficient use of Sentry’s processors and extended battery life. The biggest factor affecting battery life is LED brightness. Lowering the LED brightness as much as possible will extend Sentry’s battery life even more. Sentry’s Wi-Fi power is dynamically adjusted and does not require user control.

HOW DO I CHARGE SENTRY? Sentry comes with a high-quality USB-A to USB Type-C charging cable in the case. Sentry should be charged by connecting the charging cable to any 5V USB-A port or charger capable of delivering 2A. NOTE: Sentry does not support charging from fast chargers. 
While the Sentry is charging the PWR LED will turn blue. A full charge of a completely empty battery will take 10-12 hrs with a 2A charger. The Sentry will charge most quickly when turned OFF while charging.

CAN I CHARGE AND RUN SENTRY AT THE SAME TIME? Yes, in most cases you can charge and run Sentry at the same time. If Sentry has been fully discharged and left unused for a long period of time, then you may have to charge Sentry before it can be used. In that case, you will see the PWR LED flash slowly 3 times and Sentry will power off. The PWR LED will turn blue to indicate that Sentry is charging. Exactly how much charging is needed before you can run the Sentry and charge will depend on how long Sentry has been left unused and the health of the battery, but 10-15 minutes of initial charging is typical.