PFX ANR headset with Bluetooth with GA plugs

(Code: 4034)
Réf. constructeur : 
The ANR headset PFX for Personal Flying Experience from Lightspeed is a concentrate of high technology and customizable for each pilot. The Streaming quiet and the Acoustic Response Mapping technologies customizes the ANR to the pilots' acoustic sensibility. These preferences and much more features are recorded through the free App FlightLink (Ipad, Iphone).
The PFX headset is a ANR headset which gives a unique personal Flying Experience conforming to your ears, your environment and your preferences.

1,048.00 €
Lightspeed has worked with world-class engineers and the precious customer knowledge and feedbacks to produce the PFX headset : a acoustic sensitivity and a unique response to your ear shape. This headset uses and records your personal acoustic needs for a better quality in IN/OUT communications.
Free FlightLink app for recording your preferences for Ipad and Iphone.
Features :
* Front Row Center for a better sound quality, like a concert-class fidelity and a simulated 360-degrees music experience
* GA plugs
* Kevlar cable stronger
* volume control right/left, mono/stereo on the battery pack
* bluetooth for phone, music input, Ipad connectivity
* auto Shutoff function to save battery life
* use 4 AA batteries
* soft leatherette headband and ear cushions
* adjustable micro
* steel headband
* magnesium earcup
* impedence micro electret 220-2220 ohms
* max SPL 114 dB


Accessories included :
* carrying bag
* 4 AA batteries
* USB cable
* audio and mobile phone included
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