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Bose A30 Headset - ANR Aviation Headset with Bluetooth® and XLR5 Airbus plug and straight cableNew Bose A30 headset. With a new Digital Active Noise reduction, the communication is clear, a new adjustable headband with a clamping force reduced for a better comfort and a new feature, the A30 headset is customizable to pilot's environment and/or personal preferences with 3 selectable modes of active noise cancellation ! Talk-through tap control shifts the tapped earcup into this low mode and improves directional hearing for communication on just the ear that was tapped.

Bose has bested their best ! Your flight will never feel the same with A30 !

PROGRAM PROPILOT BOSE - GET -100€ (Vat inc.) OFF with your pilot licence ATPL/CPL/CFI/FIPPL. From 28 May 2024 to 28 September 2024 only !

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H10-13.4 + bag headset David ClarkThe set passive aviation headset H10-13.4 + bag from David Clark is the best seller private pilot headset all over the world. A good price/quality ratio headset.

The pack content 

 Headset Bag 27 € x 1
  Headset David Clark H10-13.4 429,00 € x 1

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Icom ICA25CE portable radio with accessoriesNew ICOM radio ICA25CE now ready for 8.33/25 kHz. including a better display and a set of accessories included. The new pilot's favourite handheld radio is here!